Lost at sea

It feels so good to enter the safe harbor at Taro after battling howling wind and massive waves in pitch darkness for the last few hours. I am shaking with adrenalin and from the cold of the rain and the wind. But we’re so happy to be here! Not only have we arrived in the […]

Winds are changing

This voyage was always a race against time. The right weather window to sail to the Solomon Islands ends in May, that’s what they say. The northwest monsoon gives way for the southeast monsoon in the southern hemisphere sometime between April and May. March to April is the transition period where light winds are prevalent. […]

Missionaries before us

Usually, introducing yourself as a missionary in Papua New Guinea gives you good standing with the people. The history of missionaries introducing the gospel to the people of PNG is recent and powerful. They also brought the modern world through services such as schools, medical clinics and infrastructure, good things that benefited the people. Also, […]

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